Kayla Potter

Program Specialist

PTI first met Kayla through a partnership with the SHADE (Sexual Health and Disability Education) program. Kayla facilitated multiple dating and relationship classes for Pathways participants. They joined the Part Time team in Fall 2021, and are currently pursuing a nursing degree. They enjoy a variety of hobbies including cooking, reading, grabbing coffee with friends, and anything “geek fandom”.

Email:  kayla@ptistl.org

Liz St. Lawrence

Program Specialist

Liz began as an Occupational Therapy intern with Pathways in January 2020. As COVID began and Pathways transitioned to virtual programming, Liz played a significant role in assisting staff in implementing these new events. When Liz moved back to her home city of Chicago, she stayed on with Pathways as a contractor, continuing to facilitate virtual events. Liz enjoys arts and crafts, gardening, trying new restaurants, and reading.

Bre Edwards

Program Specialist

Bre began at Pathways as an Occupational Therapy intern in the summer of 2020. Despite starting primarily with virtual meetings and events, Bre learned quickly and became an essential member of the team. When her internship ended, Bre accepted a position as a Part Time staff member. Bre also works a PRN position at BJC. She enjoys time with her family, friends, and pets!

Email:  bre@ptistl.org

Ed Bozesky

Program Specialist

Ed joined the Pathways team in March 2020. Ed has extensive experience as both a school counselor and social skills instructor. Ed has provided both individual and group counseling in a variety of different settings. Ed enjoys all things sports, and can usually be found on the basketball court, or running an impromptu batting practice!

Email:  ed@ptistl.org

Marissa Sandbothe

Program Specialist

Marissa started at Pathways as an Occupational Therapy student intern. After completing her OT program, Marissa continued on as a part-time staff member. Marissa also works as the Community Health Coordinator at Oasis Health. She enjoys an active lifestyle and spending time with family and friends.

DeVonshae Person

Program Specialist

DeVonshae began working at Pathways in 2019 and has extensive experience working with individuals with disabilities through the Special School District. DeVonshae currently supports individuals in both school and community settings. DeVonshae has a wide range of interests and passions including theater and writing.

Ray Bozesky

Program Specialist

Ray Bozesky came to Pathways in 2014. His professional career has been dedicated to working with individuals with disabilities in a variety of settings. Ray works full time at EasterSeals Midwest supporting individuals in their home and community environments. He enjoys being outdoors, running and always has room for ice cream.