Young Adults

We help young adults gain the skills necessary to transition into adult and professional life and provide social opportunities to practice those skills while building a safe, supportive community.

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Climb to Confidence


The Young Adult Program is designed for individuals 16-21 year old who have a disability. The participants in this program are fairly independent and are comfortable and successful in a 1:10 staff to participant ratio, but want to work on skills to be even more independent and socially successful.


Please contact us for pricing details and scholarship opportunities.


Pathways to Independence currently has a waitlist for St. Louis County residents. We encourage you to submit an application to be put on our waitlist, and schedule an initial meeting with one of our staff to learn more about the program.

We do not currently have an estimate of when spots may open for services. However, in the meantime we will be offering drop-in social events for individuals on the waitlist to familiarize themselves with our program and have an opportunity to socialize while waiting.

  • Individual Planning

    Participants work with Pathways staff to develop a goals-based individual service plan.

  • Social College

    These classes will be focused on a specific social skills topics such as:  initiating conversations, making and maintaining friendships, and asking follow up questions.

  • Social Events

    These events offer opportunities to enhance social skills through fun community-based activities.  Staff provide coaching to help participants make social connections with peers.

  • GAP

    GAP Services consist of 1:1 training on social and related topics that impact the lives of participants.

Eligibility information

Learn more about whether you or your loved one is eligible to participate or for assistance based on the requirements for St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County or Jefferson County.

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Sample Events for Young Adults

List of Upcoming Events
Event Name Description Region Category Ages Timing

Book Club

Each month, a different participant will lead the discussion of that month’s book choice.

Event Regions: Pathways Office
Event Categories: Arts & Entertainment
Event Ages: Adults, Seniors
Event Timing: Weekday Evening
Event Regions: North St. Louis County
Event Timing: Weekday Evening

Countertop Cooking

The Countertop Cooking theme for this month is Mexican food. Let staff know if you have any specific recipe ideas or requests. We will work together to cook several recipes, and then sit down to eat our creations.

Event Regions: Pathways Office
Event Categories: Educational & Instructional
Event Ages: Adults, Seniors
Event Timing: Weekday Evening

Dining Out: Applebees

Join some friends for a delicious meal. There will be lots of time for conversation. Choose the dining out event in a location near you: this allows you to meet people who live in your area. You may even exchange contact information so you can visit these restaurants together again!

Event Regions: Central St. Louis County
Event Categories: Dining Out
Event Ages: Adults, Seniors
Event Timing: Weekday Evening

Game Day at the Office

Pathways has lots of board games, or you can bring your own! We’ll spend the afternoon playing some games and getting to know each other. Bring a snack to share.

Event Regions: Pathways Office
Event Categories: Sports & Games
Event Ages: Adults, Seniors
Event Timing: Weekend

Kimmswick Apple Butter Festival

Spend the day exploring the food and craft vendors in Kimmswick at their annual festival.

Event Regions: Jefferson County
Event Categories: Festival & Museums
Event Ages: Adults, Seniors
Event Timing: Weekend

Allaina: Socialize to Succeed

Allaina has been with us for several years, participating in our programs as soon as she was eligible. Before Allaina began attending our events, her dad volunteered to make sure we offered the type of programs he knew his daughter needed to succeed. Since starting here, Allaina has thrived and dramatically improved her social skills and connections in the community.

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Young Adult Resources

Young Adult Participant Handbook

This handbook contains all programming information, policies, procedures, and participant rights and responsibilities for our young adult program.

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Community Safety Quick Tips

Review our general safety tips regarding such topics as money safety, transportation awareness, awareness in public and personal space.

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Counseling and Therapy Resources

Resources to find a counselor, therapist, group therapy, support groups or crisis help information.

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Small Group Planning Sheet

Use this sheet to plan your own social activity or small group with friends. This sheet will help you stay organized and on top of the details! Remember, if you want a Pathways staff to be at your small group, please call Jamie or another PTI staff to arrange this before you invite your friends.

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