Check out the latest resources for Pathways participants.

Grief and Loss Resources

Summary of research and activity suggestions to guide grief processing in individuals with intellectual disabilities. This document is updated monthly. Last update on 05/26/21.

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Small Group Planning Sheet

Use this sheet to plan your own social activity or small group with friends. This sheet will help you stay organized and on top of the details! Remember, if you want a Pathways staff to be at your small group, please call Jamie or another PTI staff to arrange this before you invite your friends.

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Medical Information Sheet

At some medical facilities, a parent, guest or 2nd person is not allowed to promote social distancing. This medical information sheet, when filled out, has all of your information, preferences and special needs written down in one place to give to medical staff during an emergency or regular doctor visit.

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Counseling and Therapy Resources

Resources to find a counselor, therapist, group therapy, support groups or crisis help information.

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Making the Most of Online Interactions

Pathways to Independence continues to offer a variety of virtual events every month. Use this handout to enhance your participation in video chats.

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Dating College_The First Steps of Dating

Download this handout to learn how watching TV, practicing invitations, and joining new social groups can make you a more confident dater.

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Dating College_Start as Friends

Many of the qualities we want in a romantic partner are the qualities we also want in a friendship. Use this handout to help build meaningful friendships.

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2020 Voting Checklist

If you are planning to vote in the state of Missouri, this checklist explains your options for casting a ballot and helps you prepare to vote.

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Fact or Fiction_Researching Candidates

Use this handout to help you research local, state, and national candidates for the 2020 General Election. It was created by Pathways Intern, Breanne Edwards, OTS.

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Finding Your Voting District

This resource will help you find your polling location and a sample ballot for the 2020 General Election. It was created by Pathways Intern, Breanne Edwards, OTS.

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Community Safety Quick Tips

Review our general safety tips regarding such topics as money safety, transportation awareness, awareness in public and personal space.

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Personal Safety Bingo

Download our personal safety bingo cards and start engaging in the community in safe and aware ways.

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Taking Uber & Lyft

Download this personal safety checklist to make sure you’re aware and secure when riding in a Lyft or Uber.

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Using Google Maps

Download this presentation and learn how to use Google Maps for both computers and phones to get where you need to go.

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