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We are a social-focused organization where participants gain skills to become independent, advocate for themselves and learn a variety of new skills. We allow participants to truly get out what they put into the program. Each participant has their own individual goals they work on and are encouraged by staff members to make and sustain meaningful friendships, and learn the skills necessary to do so. Participants learn to become more independent, and safe in their community, live a healthy lifestyle, go outside their comfort zone, and experience what’s going on in their community.

We serve a portion of the population that is already independent in many aspects of their lives and is often overlooked. The majority of our participants work at least part time and many live on their own and drive; they just need some help with social skills and want to socialize in an environment where they feel comfortable, and accepted.

We plan events, support participants, and provide services all delivered by paid staff members and some volunteers. Scholarships are available based on financial need. Please note that residents of St. Louis County, St. Charles County, St. Louis County and Jefferson County all have different fee structures based on the reimbursement rate negotiated with each Senate Bill 40 (SB-40) Board. Each board pays differently and does not always reimburse for all services.

Most Pathways participants go to two or three events per month. Some go to up to four or five times a month. It is up to the participant and their personal goals, but we do encourage everyone to aim for at least two events per month so that they can work on their goals consistently, and socialize in their community.

It depends on the event. Some small groups have just three to four participants, but a few larger events may have more than 20 people. Most events have six to eight participants and two staff members in attendance.

We serve young adults (16-21), adults (22-54), and seniors (55+) of all ages.

The Pathways staff to participant ratio is 1:10 for larger group events; however, most events have two staff and six to eight participants.

Yes, scholarships are available and are based on financial need. Once the proper paperwork is submitted, the scholarship committee determines if a participant qualifies and the scholarship amount to be awarded. Both the participant and the participant’s primary supporter’s financial information are needed to be considered for a scholarship.

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