Melanie: Engage to Experience

Melanie admits she was very nervous when she attended her first event a couple of years ago. She wasn’t comfortable trying new things or interacting with new people. Looking back, she remembers how our staff made her feel at ease during dinner and the Bunco event that followed. By attending more events and with the assistance of our staff, Melanie has developed new friendships and has become more comfortable in group situations. Before working with us, Melanie would avoid venturing out on her own. She will now even go places by herself. 

Melanie’s sister-in-law Michele learned about us via community contacts including Easter Seals Midwest. Michele’s goal was to help Melanie develop support and friendships. “As a part of Pathways, she’s able to witness others dealing with challenges and how they’ve found their own sense of independence. [Pathways] has given Melanie the opportunity to figure out who she is and what she wants for her future. Most importantly, it’s helping give her the skills to set and reach goals.”

As a long-time employee at a local nursing home, Melanie shared that her involvement with us “Has helped me come out of my shell” and has enhanced her work experience. When she’s not working or attending one of our events, Melanie likes to go shopping or hang out with friends she met through our programs.

In addition to meeting new people, we have also introduced Melanie to new experiences.  Outings to the Butterfly House, Rockin’ Jump trampoline park and the Wild Lights at the Zoo have been some of her favorites. Her only complaint? “Sometimes there are so many [Pathways] calendar events, it’s hard to choose.”

Melanie said she would definitely recommend us to others who are considering the program. Her words of advice to anyone who is unsure are to “Give it a chance.”  When asked if she has seen changes in Melanie since her involvement, Michele said, “Melanie is soaring with all the support from Pathways!”